How was the first talk?

Talk of what? this would be the basic question strikes your mind when you saw the title. It’s about the experience which i had during my first talk @ BACAS aka Bishop Appasamy College of Arts & Science about Actions on Google

It was a one day workshop on how to use Google Assistant as well as how to create an action for google assistant.

When I got the call from one of my faculty (who taught me Java) to conduct a workshop/session for the students. I didn’t think anything just said YES.


One thing which runs in my mind at the time was i have to do something for the students. At least they would know that something is happening around them

Of course, the dates were confirmed 12–2–2020 but with one condition students will use smartphones to code

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send the agenda of what’s going to happen. Exactly one week of time i had to do all the preparations.


Made a clear plan of what i am going to teach these guys with some rough drafts and checklist.

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As per the checklist

  • Created PPT (This is the first time i spending more than 5 days for creating PPT)
  • Created the sample templates and code
  • Created the resource links and QR Code
  • Created Feedback form

And everything was set ready on 07–02–2020 but my mind says

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Here comes the twist in the story :)

Content is fit but what happens if the speaker is ill(When the speaker lost his voice when he is going to take a session about voice assistant)

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The Session Day

Thought i won’t able to do the session but i was not ready to surrender to the cold and fever

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Gone to the college to take session had a great time with the staffs to know what has happened in the past years

After that went to the seminar hall to conduct the session. Got full energy once i saw the students with their overwhelming response

After the intros, it was my time to start the session but something went missing

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Yes it’s right VGA to HDMI Converter now luckily they had one and it’s working

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Started with the evolution of technology than some parts of A.I. and then moved to the main topic voice assistants

Once the students came to know how voice assistant works with some real examples they were like

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Everyone was super excited to create something in google assistant but it would be great if we had a tea break

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#Session 1

After the tea break, everyone is very aggressive to create an action in Actions on Google using their smartphones (You heard it correctly)

It was a plug and play for the students and they successfully created their first action on google using template

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After the first session got completed.Started with the new topic Conversation Design

Taught them how to create a conversation and the rules to be followed while creating a conversation

Lunch Break

And the bell rings for the lunch and everyone was like

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#Session 2

After lunch, everyone gathered again to create their custom action using dialog flow. Made the students to interact more because some may go to sleep mode after lunch.

Designing a conversation

Once they are comfortable with the conversation design started to create an action using dialog flow

But somehow few of them have gone to very aggressive sleep mode

Anyways the session was over and shared the resources to go further with Actions on Google and a feedback form on how was the session(To improve myself)

And the story gets an end with a photoshoot

Key takeaways from the workshop

  • It was a new experience for me to take the workshop(Moved from the comfort zone)
  • Think outside the box while preparing for the workshop
  • Don’t repeat the mistakes

Thanksgiving Time

I would like to thank the students and staff of BACAS for organizing the event and listening patiently.


If you want to have a look at the PPT feel free to click the link



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