I/O’20 The Untold Story

Note: The story you are going to read is full of imagination

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On Feb 20, 2020, X tweets with a screenshot about I/0'20 stating he/she is eligible to attend the I/O’20 conference on May 12 -14, 2020.

X was Super excited and started with the preparation to travel

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But on Mar 5, 2020, there was a sudden twist in the story X got a mail stating that the I/O’20 conference has been canceled due to the virus pandemic

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X got saddened that he/she can’t attend the event, can’t network with friends, can’t share the foods which he/she will bring from his/her country to their friends.

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So i decided to make X happy by taking him/her to the I/O’20 conference.

Someone: Are you joking? (That would be your mind voice)How can you take someone to the conference during this pandemic time and by the way WHO ARE YOU? at first.

Me: Well i am the guy who watched all the I/O’s from 2015–2019 on Youtube. To be more precise

  • Watched I/O’15 on Nov 2016
  • Watched I/O’16 on Jun 2017
  • Watched I/O’17 on Jan 2018
  • Watched I/O’18 on Jun 2018
  • Watched I/O’19 on the same day itself

And this time i am going to watch it a week early.

Someone: Yeah that’s what i am asking how you are going to watch it or take someone with you. Have you heard about the pandemic? No one can go anywhere and no one is conducting any physical events. Everything has been canceled for this year.

Me: I am aware of the pandemic and all other stuff, but for imagination, there are no limits

Yes, What you have heard is right we are going to an imaginary world to watch the event and of course, you don’t need anything No Passports, No Visa, No money :)

Okay, Let’s start the travel X. we will reach the destination in a sec.

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Yeap, we have reached the destination how was the travel X

X: Well it was a fantastic journey no need to wait anywhere reached the destination in secs.

Me: Just look for some seats we will settle down

X: I have found two seats in the middle. seems crowded this year(2020). I think everyone has started to travel. Bring some snacks from your country will share it.

Me: Yes, Imagination has no limitations.

X: Well said

Me: What’s the time now?

X: It’s 9.55 A.M. now, I think the countdown has started see the screen.

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X: Yes, he steps in XXXXXX XXXXXX

Claps and Cheers from the audiences

Good Morning, Good Morning Wonderful to back here and Nice to see everyone, Well this is a special year for everyone here because even in the difficult times we are all together in this Imaginary world.

Claps and Cheers from the audiences again

Well, this year it’s special for everyone because some of the solutions which we have developed is helping many in this pandemic days.

And we hope for good days in the upcoming years. You can go ahead and see what’s new in your domain.

Thank you, everyone

Claps and Cheers from the audiences again

Me: Okay the keynote is over and whats next

X: will see what’s new in Android, Angular, Assistant, Firebase, Flutter, and will go to the After Hours party and will go back

Me: OMG that’s a huge list, anyway will go


Okay, Let’s see What's new in Android this year

What else a new version of Android (Android 11) will be available this year and update in Android Studio(3.6.3) will be available for sure. Rest of them you can get it as an update in the upcoming months

You can watch some of them here

Source: Youtube


Angular10 the planned upgrade of the web development framework is now in progress. Angular 10 is likely to be smaller than the previous versions of Angular. Angular 10 production release is yet to be announced. Angular 9 is available from Feb 09, 2020.

For more info check out https://angular.io/


X: Last time they had a cookie jar which can be opened through voice this time what they would have

Me: This time they will have Ladoo jar

X: How come you are saying they will be having Ladoo jar

Me: Because the story has been written by an Indian and this time instead of Cookies let the developers have some homemade Ladoos (From Agarwal sweet shop)

X: Jokes apart will see what's new in Assistant

  1. Google Assistant can now launch Stadia games directly on Android and Chromebooks — Read more about it from here
  2. Direct integration of Twilio, Skype has been restricted from Dialogflow you can use the opensource from here


Firebase Kotlin extension (KTX) libraries are available for the developers. You can read more about the extension from here


X: The rising star in mobile development

Me: Exactly, But whenever i heard the name Flutter i can remember only one thing that is Flutter Enthusiast.

X: Why?

Me: It’s because those enthusiasts will give an open talk stating that they would help people to learn something and if some asks doubts then they will go offline for a couple of days(Not everyone but some good enthusiasts)

What's New

Flutter for web now supports PWA, Plugins, Web debugging with expression evaluation, Testing, Desktop class user-experience, and URL Routing. You can read more about Flutter for Web from here. You can get the updates for Flutter Mobile in the upcoming days.

X: I think we have missed some of the talks from AR, GSuite, TensorFlow, Material Design, Kotlin, Google Play, Web development, and more

Me: It’s okay what you want to know has been covered right what is needed for others let them think of it

Me: Shall we go back

X: No. After-hours party

Me: Okay, you just go and come back let me take some snaps here

X: Sure

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X: The party is over shall we leave now

Me: Okay, we can leave now and by the way have u said goodbye to your friends

X: Yeah, I did it, I told them we will meet in 2021

Me: Ah! that's great, Hang on here we go

…Meantime during travel

X: What will happen in I/O’21

Me: Well, they will have some statistics about the usage of their products during the pandemic times, like No of meetings, No of webinars taken by every Developer Group and more

Me: You have reached the destination will see next time

X: Thanks for this imaginary trip

Me: :)

And that's the end of the untold story and be alive to watch/attend I/O’21 :)

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