I/O’20 The Untold Story

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Okay, Let’s see What's new in Android this year

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Angular10 the planned upgrade of the web development framework is now in progress. Angular 10 is likely to be smaller than the previous versions of Angular. Angular 10 production release is yet to be announced. Angular 9 is available from Feb 09, 2020.


X: Last time they had a cookie jar which can be opened through voice this time what they would have

  1. Direct integration of Twilio, Skype has been restricted from Dialogflow you can use the opensource from here


Firebase Kotlin extension (KTX) libraries are available for the developers. You can read more about the extension from here


X: The rising star in mobile development

What's New

Flutter for web now supports PWA, Plugins, Web debugging with expression evaluation, Testing, Desktop class user-experience, and URL Routing. You can read more about Flutter for Web from here. You can get the updates for Flutter Mobile in the upcoming days.

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