Virtual DevFest-2020 Highlights

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Few years ago i had some weird questions to myself like

  • What would happen if the transportation gets stopped for a day/month
  • What would happen if all of us stays at home without going out
  • I need to attend all the events which take place all over the world but with a condition, I shouldn’t travel

And yes all of my questions were answered by COVID and it’s cascading effects throughout 2020 and still waiting for more answers :)

Let’s begin with the third point which i have mentioned earlier about the events.

When the cascading effects of COVID start to roll out the first news which i have heard from the community was Google I/O’20 was canceled.

After hearing this news an idea struck my mind was Hey only physical events are canceled and there is no restriction for the Imaginary events why can’t you imagine about Google I/O’20 and write up an imaginary story which leads to I/O’20 The Untold Story (Luckily fewer people have read it :)

On August end i thought about writing another imaginary story and this time it is about DevFests but my imagination was shattered on seeing the tweet that DevFest2020 is coming with a lot of surprises.

Now you might think Who are you to write stories or who asks you to write stories and by the way who are you at first

Who am i?

To be precise i am a Human at first who learns things from mistakes :)

Okay, who cares about it My question was Why are you writing stories?

I am coming to that point hold on. Well, I started my career as a Developer with many dreams and doubts with less network so it was hard for me to explore new things During that time i have heard about GDG Communities

I started to attend DevFest events from 2018 and for the past two years i have learned many new things starting from Google Assistant and things like Angular, Firebase, AppsScript, Google Cloud, and many more(Still learning things day by day and contribute what i have learned through blogs and videos).

All these explorations have started from DevFests and that’s one of the reasons why i write stories that would help the people to get some awareness that something is happening around them which makes them get benefitted.

Let’s see the Highlights

In September i came to know that the DevFest is happening all over the world and especially in India all the GDG Communities are joining together for a 3-day virtual event.

Registrations are done schedules were updated on the website and crazy developers started to generate profile badges and start tweeting about #DevFestIndia

It was a 3-day track starting from Oct16–18,2020 virtually with one theme Code Concert and 5 different tracks like

  1. Mobile
  2. Web
  3. Cloud
  4. Flutter
  5. Machine Learning

Once the schedules came up i am done with the plan for the list of sessions that i am going to attend.

Day 1 — Highlights

I just watched the Welcome keynote for a few minutes bcoz i have other tasks to be done for the day and of course my planned sessions were at last so i skipped the rest of the sessions.

Unfortunately, i didn’t get a chance to watch the planned ones so i watched it later on that night and looked at the codes worked on it, and slept with happiness because i learned a new thing on that day.

Day 2 — Highlights

I was a little free for the day watched some live sessions clarified my doubts on the live chat and give a try for the quiz

Source: DevFest- Day2

Day 3 — Highlights (This won’t cover the entire event)

I learned some new concepts from Cloud which i have looking for and it was an awesome session.

Some cool things which i have seen during the sessions are the moderators in the LiveChat you guys have done a nice job.

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion


Events are conducted for learning new things and make yourself to the next level and not just for swags and pizzas.

For every event, you are provided with 2 options

  • Short Term — Get Swags, Certificates
  • Long Term — Learn new stuff explore it and do great things

And it’s in individuals hands to choose which option

Thanks Giving Time

Thanking all the Good hearts who worked together behind the screens for the awesome event :)

Source: DevFest 2020


You can find all the resources for the event from this link (Till the website exists)

That’s the end of the DevFest2020 See you at the next event.